Lifting Learning
for Every Child

Support hard-working teachers, principals and education professionals to deliver better schools and colleges for all Tasmanian children. Our working conditions are student learning conditions.

Together we can make a change

With support from our communities, teacher, principal and support staff members of the Australian Education Union have won significant improvements to working and learning conditions in Tasmanian schools and colleges.

More teachers

Solutions to the teacher shortage crisis affecting students and educator workload.

More teaching time

Ensure teachers and principals have the time to focus on teaching and learning.

Safer Class sizes!

Smaller class sizes where equipment is limited, rooms are small or staff and student safety is at risk.

Support new teachers

Support our early career teachers, including time release for mentor teachers, to keep great teachers teaching and give them time to prepare quality learning

More in class support

More in-class support from teacher assistants to ensure teachers can focus on every child.

More school psychologists

Holistic support for students, with additional professional support staff such as school psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, library technicians, social workers and Education Support Specialists.‚Äč